Moving Forward

Helping Utilities, Municipalities and Pipeline companies Manage Risk and Improve Asset Performance.
A Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Specializing In
  • Project Management and Project Controls
  • Professional Long Term Staff Augmentation
  • Utility Locating and Marking Services
  • Gas and Electric Meter Installation

Headquartered in the Denver Tech Center Area of Denver, CO and with an office in Walnut Creek, CA, CES Utility Solutions is a partnership between Cooper Energy Solutions LLC and SPARUS Holdings, Inc. ( As a partnership, CES Utility Solutions(CES) brings more than 100 years of combined experience developing and delivering a wide range of energy services, energy asset management solutions, and asset-integrity products and services to natural gas and electric utilities, pipeline companies, and municipalities.

We strive to hit the mark.

Be it for a single pipeline safety survey or as a persistent adjunct to utilities’ field service professionals,
CES can effectively meet the needs of the most demanding customers. To those we are privileged to serve, we bring honesty, integrity, professionalism, agility and thoroughness.
                                                                                     Leak Detection


                             Locating                                        Marking

Training - The Backbone of Our Success
Certified Technicians - Our rigorous training and qualification program (MEA) tests every aspect of a technician's ability to perform professionally and consistently.  We test all candidates in both the classroom and in the field to ensure that all work is performed by only exceptionally qualified professionals.

Verification - Inspect the Expected

We conduct field audits on a routine basis of every technician. In addition, we apply sophisticated performance metrics using proprietary technologies to measure technician performance.

Reporting - The EZTech Way
CES uses EZTech, a GPS-enabled system that provides near real-time tracking of a technician's whereabouts in the field and aggregates reports.  The EZTech system greatly facilitates workforce management and safety, while also greatly improving data collection and analysis.




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